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What Is The Best Songwriting Software

With your instrument in hand with a pen and paper next to you, writing down what comes out has been the best way to record your song ideas. And while I do still think that sitting down with your instrument with nothing but a pen and paper, with no distractions, is one...

What Is The Most Common Chord Progression?

Is there one chord progression to rule them all? No, probably not. But there is one chord progression that has stood the test of time and has been the most common chord progression in pop music for the past few decades if not longer. So, what is the most common chord...

The 8 Best Free Music Production Courses

You have been searching the internet for hours looking for great free music production courses and videos. Does that sound familiar? I have taken so many deep dives on Youtube and other websites to find a structure for learning music production, but I always ended up...



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