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Last Updated Jan 9, 2021

You have have probably been bunkered down in your room writing your music, but now it is time to get in the studio to record it — Atlanta happens to get an amazing city with a growing music scene and great recording studios.

I am going to recommend some of the best recording studios I have found though my research and recommendations from locals. I am originally from Atlanta area to be honest, and grew up not too far from it.

There are some extremely famous recording studios in Atlanta that have been apart of some major hits in the hip-hop, pop, and R&B genres. In this list, I am sure you will find some of a recording studio with the vibe, experience, and gear you need to make your song a reality. So, let’s jump in and take a look at some of the best recording studios in Atlanta.

11th Street Studio - The best recording Studios in Atlanta

11th Street Studio

Established in 2006, 11th Studio studio has over 13th years of experience working with major and independent artists in Atlanta and all over the world. They are high end recording studio in the heart of Atlanta that offer a variety of services for music artists.

They have 6 separate studio spaces in their 7,000 sq. ft. facility

11th Street Studio Comparison Chart
Comparison of the studio spaces at 11th Street Studio

Services & Pricing

The pricing will depend on what studio space that you choose. Let’s take a look at a few examples. With Studio A, you can book its for $165 / per hour or if you really want to grind it out you can book the space for $1,600 for 12 hours (2 free hours).

On the other hand, if you are looking for a professional studio space and don’t need all the gear or recording space in the larger studio spaces you can check out studio G. It is $650 for a 12-hour block — that’s a great deal!

If your project is going to take multiple sessions or you need a more custom plan, you can request a quote and they will design a custom proposal for you

What’s Included

In the prices listed, that includes an engineer, but if you have a guest engineer to bring they offer room only rates as well.

It is important to note that these rates are only for recording, you will have to make a separate request to have your recording mixed and mastered by their engineers.


You can get in contact with them at their email address at or give them at call at (404) 249-8511. There is a simple contact form on their website that let’s you give them your important information and they will follow up with you – Contact them now.


  • Studio Facilities 8/10: Great looking control rooms. Only 1 live room available on request.
  • Value 9.5/10: They have many studio spaces to meet most budgets.
  • Experience 10/10: They have top-tier clients so they know how to deliver.

Recommended For

If you are a Pop, R&B, or Hip-Hop artist this is one of the best studios to record your next single or album at in Atlanta. However, they are professionals that are versatile and have experience in various other genres such as Country, EDM, Rock, and Jazz.

Tree Sound Studios

Tree sound Studios was started 30 years ago by Paul Diaz, who has since been nominated for Grammy awards. Tree Sound studios is one of the first eco-friendly studios that really comes from the heart. It is run off solar power, has rain-water catching systems, herb gardens, and eco-friendly recycling — but this isn’t a gimmick. They also have the client list and sound quality that makes them one of the best studios in the area.

The Tree Sound recording studio’s client list includes hundreds of popular artists, including Drake, Outkast, Mike Will, J.Cole,Whitney Huston, Collective Soul, Elton John, ,Matchbox 20 and counttless others. George Augsperger designed the Tree Sound’s Atlanta facility, which was built into a former printing shop.

Studio A features a 64-input Solid State Logic 4064 G+, a Pro Tools HD system, and a Yamaha C5 Conservatory Grand Piano. Facilities include a tracking room, drum room, isolation booths, and a private producers’ lounge. The private artists’ lounge has a full kitchen. the 18000 Sqft facility features 6 private studios and a sound stage for rehearsals or events. Parking for Film and TV productions & loading docks on both sides of the building.

Services & Pricing

Rooms run from $85-$225 an hour with a 4 hour minimum.

They offer a full range of services such as live recording, event spaces, and rehearsal spaces. You will have to get in contact with them about quotes for mixing or mastering services.


You can get in contact with them at their email address at or give them at call at 770-242-8944. There is a simple contact form on their website that let’s you give them your important information and they will follow up with you – Contact them now.


  • Studio Facilities 10/10: Some of the bst gear and beautiful spaces.
  • Value 9/10: They offer great deals for new clients.
  • Experience 9.5/10: They have a long list of Top-Tier clients as I mentioned earlier

Recommended For

If you are looking for a studio space that has a lot of vibe and and harmony, that was built with a lot of heart. Then Tree Sound Studio is here you need to be. The environment where you make your music can really make important subtle changes that can really give it that extra character.


Patch Werk Recording Studio in Atlanta

The founder of Patchwerk studio is former Atlanta Falcons player, Bob Whitfield. It all started when he helped finance the studio time for an old friend. He saw an opportunity in his friend and built a studio with the help of a few other people. They eventually built it into the success that is it now today.

This studio facility has 5 full-decked out studio spaces, with STUDIO 9000 being the premiere studio space. This studio space has a live room, multiple isolation booths, racks of outboard gear, and lounge space for the artists.

Other Studio Spaces

  • STUDIO 995
  • STUDIO 1019
  • Production Studio
  • Mastering Studio

Services & Pricing

They currently have specials for blocking out time of 8 or 4 hours. An engineer is included in these prices so you know they will have experience and won’t be wasting your valuable time, especially if you are a R&B or Hip-hop artist. The New Client Intro Deal gives you 8 hours of studio time in Studio 995 for only $500.

You will have to contact them about hourly fees or more specific books requests


You can get in contact with them at or give them a call at 404-874-9880. The studio is located at 1094 Hemphill Ave, Atlanta GA 30318.

If you want to get a studio tour, you will have to make an appointment. They do not take walk-ins. But they do have a 3D virtual tour on their website. Their website address is


  • Studio Facilities 10/10: Some of the bst gear and beautiful spaces.
  • Value 9/10: They offer great deals for new clients.
  • Experience 9.5/10: This is one of the largest and longest running studios in Atlanta.

Recommended For

This is a top-notch studio run by many engineers with a lot of experience. I would recommend this space for any band looking to record in a great space, specifically STUDIO 9000. If you are hip-hop artist one of the other studio spaces build be a great place to record your vocals.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it, a few of the best recording studios in Atlanta. You can not go wrong with deciding to record your music or getting them mixed and mastered at one of these studios. They have the experience to help you take the sonic quality of your music to the next level.

Do you have experience recording at another studio in Atlanta that would be a great addition to this list? Leave a comment and we will check them out!

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Chris is a mixing engineer and enjoys creating interesting vibrations out of nothing.

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